Deep Pacific Teal

Me: So I have a spare teal sweatshirt.
Me: Which means that I can make a sharks bag or dress.
Me: But it’s not exactly their teal. Because it’s not dark enough.
Me: Does it make me a bad fan to make a sharks thing anyways?
C: Yes.
Me: But. I’m never going to wear this teal sweatshirt.
Me: I mean I haven’t worn it. It still has the tags.
Me: From 2002.
C: But. Colors are important.
C: It’s like making your Suns colors slightly lighter and looking like a Lakers fan.
C: Disatrous!
Me: Oh but if I have enough sharkness on it…
C: But Sharks can only survive in deep pacific teal water.
Me: *sad*
Me: I’ll use a black shirt.

Me with Sharkie ❤


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