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I was browsing one of my favorite tea communities: steepster in search of discussion on teapot warmers, when I came across this post on favorite tea accessories.

I wanted to jump into the conversation but then realized that I couldn’t pick out just a few favorites. All my teaware, tea accessories, and coffee accessories are dear to me because of one reason or another.


IngenuiTEA: My first teapot was the IngenuiTEA from Adagio Teas. I got this my first year of college when I first got into tea. This is the perfect teapot for your dorm room or work environment. I loved having this teapot in the dorms because it was durable and microwavable. Likewise, this was my favorite teapot to use at my lab until we finally invested in a electric water kettle. The downside to this teapot is that you can’t remove the leaves from the water so oversteeping was an issue until I got a cotton filter to use with the pot. That way I could remove the teas once it was done steeping.

Glass teapot: My second teapot is my favorite teapot. It was a Christmas present from my father so it’s very dear to me. But it’s also the most perfect size for “tea for one”. This glass teapot wins with its simple and elegant looks.

Cast-iron teapot: My third teapot was a gift from my boyfriend’s mother. It’s a simple cast-iron, but is perfect for long nights studying because it keeps my tea very warm for a very long time. I also love that I can reheat it by simply putting it back on the stove. I believe it was purchased from World Market, an amazing store with all sorts of cute steals.

Glass Pitcher: This is a the Handy Cooler from Lupicia. Perfect making large quantities of tea like for… a tea party or when you make to make a large batch of iced tea to keep in the fridge.


Tea tumbler: This is the best frickin’ tea tumbler ever. The infuser design on this thing is amazing, because it prevents oversteeping and allows me to reuse the leaves throughout the day. It’s also microwavable and made of out BPA-free plastic (so it’s durable enough to keep in my backpack). It’s closes very tightly too so I don’t worry about it when it’s in my bag. I haven’t had a spill incident yet!

Coffee tumbler: This was my previous tea tumbler. It comes with a removable strainer but over the years it started to taste like every other tea I’ve put it in there. So it’s become my coffee tumbler, which is perfect because it’s amazing at keeping its liquids really, really hot for a really long time. I put my coffee in there at 8:30am and I open it up at around 1pm (which is when I usually get sleepy in the afternoon) and it’s still hot and ready to wake me up.


“Birds” mug: This is my favorite mug for tea. It’s decorated with rows of birds that look like they could be carrying tweets. It was a Christmas present from my roommate of three years. And it has a habit of getting tea-stained and cracked inside which makes it very nostalgic for me.

“Lab” mug: This mug resembles a lab beaker and most importantly it’s holds my special “hot water with lemon and honey” drink that is known to make all me and my roommates miracously better when we catch a cold.

“Quotes” mug: This was another gift from my boyfriend’s family. I like this one because of it’s larger size. It’s black with some inspirational quotes in rainbow colors. This mug usually holds my non-tea drinks: coffee, hot chocolate, hot cider, etc.

“Sunrise” mug: A favorite due to just its awesome size. I stole this one when I went to my parent’s house once. It’s a company-branded bug, my father works at Sunrise Telecom.

Tea cups:

Gaiwan: This is my most frequently used teacup, and my most personal one (in the sense that I’m usually the only one that uses it). I love this this one because it is a gaiwan so it has the matching saucer and the lid.

Glass teacups: This is my favorite tea cup “set”. These are double-glass tea cups so they’re perfect for keeping the tea warm and still being cool to the touch. They were a gift from my favorite cousin.

“Tea party” teacups: These twelve teacups (six of each design) were bought by my friends to be used for the themed tea parties that I host.

“European” teacup: This is my only European-style tea cup. I love it because of it simple design and color. It was a lot harder to shop for this cup when one might expect ~ we miraculously found this one in the clearance section of Macy’s.

Other accessories:

Milk/creamer pitcher & sugar bowl: This adorable set came from IKEA and I just adore it. The milk pitcher is a perfect size and I really like that sugar bowl comes with a lid unlike some other sets. But most of all I love the flower design on the set and the fact that it matches with my “European” tea cup and saucer. I’ve been getting more acquainted with the world of milk tea, since I’ve been having tea time more and more with my British friend. This milk pitcher is perfect for the whole milk, and well I don’t take any of my teas with sugar so it actually hides my lighters and candles for my tea pot warmer.

Tea Pot Warmer: This was a steal at $10 (at World Market). It’s cast-iron, so it keeps my tea very warm, very well. When used with my cast-iron tea pot, I can have the same pot of tea going for hours. This is especially usual for milk tea as milk tea is always the best when the black tea is boiling hot.

Thermometer: Normally for green teas, I just wing it ~ but every now and then, I brew some green tea with extra love and care for the leaves or my guests.

Strainers: We have my awesome cotton strainer (from Lupicia), the mesh metal strainer that came with my tea pot, another mesh metal strainer that came with my first tea tumbler, and my laser-etched strainer (from For Life). I normally use the mesh strainer with cast-iron my tea pot, cotton strainer with my glass tea pot and other small mugs, and the laser-etched strainer for larger mugs.

Penguin and Jack: Penguin holds all my napkins and Jack … is my trash can. He holds my strainers and left-over leaves.

Teaspoon: I measure my tea by the teaspoon. This teaspoon always sits in my tea cabinet ready for use.


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  1. Very nice post, you’re covering it all. I miss my Cast-iron teapot. I used to have one when I lived in Europe, but could not bring it to the U.S (Too heavy ;p)

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