Vienna Teng

Thanks to the new Facebook layout, I’ve been thinking about people who inspire me. I wasn’t sure who inspired me at first aside from the great (yet fictional) Sherlock Holmes.

My boyfriend suggested that I was inspired by Vienna Teng. At first, I retorted saying that I did enjoy her songs but I did not think that they inspired me. (Me enjoying her songs is a big understatement by the way, my twitter name – @thetower is for her song “The Tower“, likewise the name of this blog comes from her song “Feather Moon“).

In any case, I thought about it, and then I realized that I did admire her or was inspired by her but not just because of her music.

Vienna Teng was a Computer Science major at Stanford. She graduated with her B.S. in Computer Science and went on to get a programming job in the Bay Area. But she wanted more do more than just work in a cubicle, so she began to focus more on her music ~ and then she went on to make many CDs that fangirls like me play on repeat.

I got to go to a Vienna Teng concert in Santa Monica earlier this year. It was amazing to finally get to see Vienna Teng and Alex Wong play live! But more importantly, it got me on this Vienna Teng high that lead me to resubscribing to her blog. It was through her blog that I found out that she’s was going (now gone) back to school to study sustainable enterprise.

This is why Vienna Teng inspires me. She makes me believe that I can study a lot of things in my life and be a lot of different things. I know Vienna’s parents asked her a lot of the same questions that my parents are asking me now. “What are you going to do with neuroscience?” “What are you going to do with nutrition?” “Will you be able to get a job with that?”

I see Vienna as a person who finds her passions and goes with it. And I know that there’s a line between passion and practical, but she makes me think to myself “hey, she’s okay. I’ll be okay too.” ~ And that is why Vienna Teng is on my Facebook profile as one of the five people who inspire me.

Me with Vienna Teng!


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