Clover Bakery

I’m visiting California for two weeks. I’m splitting my trip between visiting home (SF Bay Area) and San Diego Comic-Con! And all my vacations = fooding! So I’ve been eating my way around the  Bay from San Francisco to Oakland to my hometown — San Jose.

That being said I have not found a Japanese bakery anywhere in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, or Seattle that I adore more than Clover Bakery in San Jose.

What makes this place so special? They specialize in Japanese baked goods. Melon breads, curry breads, croquettes… Sure you can pick up some of these things at a Japanese supermarket, but Clover makes these FRESH DAILY. Except for Mondays, they’re closed on Mondays (a fact that often slips my mind). They also run as a cafe with your typical coffees and teas, and they serve home-style Japanesse food for dinners.

My favorites? The beef curry bread, green tea melon bread, and fish roe bread. ❤


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